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Receive Up-to-Date Fire Marshal Training from Birmingham, West Midlands

For skilled fire marshal and safety training, look no further than the courses offered by The Academy Skills & Knowledge Services. Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, we deliver standards-compliant fire marshal training to a wide variety of individuals and organisations.

Practical Experience

This is a practical course in which delegates will experience the use of fire extinguishers. This shall ensure that trainees are aware, and competent in the use of, fire extinguishers. Delegates will understand the different kinds of fire extinguisher, and when to use them culminating in a practical exercise.

Widely Applicable

This course lasts for 4 hours and is suitable for those who are responsible for overseeing fire safety. It is also designed for designated fire marshals, and anyone who needs to know how to use a fire extinguisher.

Additional Training

The Academy Skills & Knowledge Services also delivers training in the use of evacuation chairs. These apparatuses are an essential means of escape for those with limited mobility.

Course Contents

The fire marshal courses we offer ensure that sound practices are followed in the event of a fire. In addition, undertaking this course makes sure that someone in your organisation is suitably trained and understands the legislation and role of the fire marshal as stipulated by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

  • The course covers a number of topics. This includes:
  • The Role of the Fire Marshal
  • Methods of Fire Prevention
  • Fire Detection and Warnings
  • Means of Escape in the Case of Fire
  • Types of Fire-Fighting Equipment.

Comprehensive Training

It is mandatory for a number of organisations that their employers undertake fire safety training. It is important that staff have a thorough general understanding and know how to implement best practises when required. Our training covers:

  • What to Do in the Event of Discovering a Fire
  • Common Causes of Fire
  • Fire Drills and Evacuation
  • Fire Safety Legislation
  • Fire Safety Precautions
  • The Chemistry of Fire
  • Using Fire Extinguishers

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